Saturday, 12 October 2013

A few early birds in Santiago

Travelling to Chile from UK is long and tiring, and I arrived in Santiago at midday today after a 15 hour flight from Heathrow via Sao Paulo.

I am here for Procemin '13 which starts with a field trip on Tuesday. Apart from myself there were a few more early arrivals today, and I had a late lunch with Kari Heiskanen of Aalto University, Finland, and chatted briefly with Graham Heyes of CSIRO, Diana Drinkwater of JKTech and Jan Cilliers of Imperial College.

I hope to be providing daily updates, either here or on the Twitter feed in the right hand column, and will publish a full report on the conference, with photos, early next week.


  1. Barry, you just missed out on IBS2013 (Biohydromet's competitor?) in Antofagasta. I wasn't there, but @Dr_Nome provided a nice stream of live tweets, sounded like it was a success.

    Rafael Santos, KU Leuven

    1. No not a competitor Rafael. MEI's Biohydromet consultant Prof. Sue Harrison is also involved with IBS, and she will be reporting on the IBS meeting for MEI.

    2. Thanks for the clarification. I will keep following both, though I can't promise to attend, depends how our research lines develop.

      My Belgian colleague will give a bioleaching related presentation at our Romanian colleagues' upcoming TEME 2013 event later this month. I will also be there presenting on #AcceleratedCarbonation.


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