Friday, 29 March 2013

How photography has changed!

Here's a blast from the past. We were doing a little spring-cleaning today and came across this 1969 press cutting from a local Manchester newspaper.

B.A. Wills 1969

From the age of 16 I worked as a part-time freelance photographer, and during my time at University spent my weekends supplementing my meagre grant by covering sports events for the local paper.

A few weeks after this photo was taken, Barbara and I were off on our great adventure, and the start of a wonderful life in the minerals industry.

B.A. Wills 1969
Approaching the Rhodesian border, September 1969
The camera that I used in the 1960s was a Rolleicord V. The more expensive Rolleiflex was out of my league then, although I now own one despite it being redundant. The twin-lens Rolleis used roll-film, with 12 photos on each roll, so after an afternoon at the football ground I returned to the darkroom to develop the rolls and then make prints from the negatives.

It was a slow and laborious process, and how things have changed with the advent of modern digital cameras. But I have to admit that I still miss the black and white images slowly emerging from the developing solution under the warm orange glow of the darkroom lamp!

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  1. In those far off days I was a passionate supporter of Manchester City, but my provincial newspaper assignments were coverage of teams in the local Cheshire County League. The likes of Stalybridge Celtic, Hyde United, Mossley - and Wigan Athletic. I am no longer interested in Manchester City, whose success is based on the fact that they have more money than anyone else, but I sat enthralled this afternoon, watching Wigan winning the FA Cup Final, one of the pinnacles of football achievements- winning 1-0 against, of all teams, Manchester City!!


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