Friday, 25 May 2012

The new generation shines brightly

Much has been said and written in recent years about the difficulty of recruiting young people into the minerals industry.

While this may be true, and that quantity may be a problem, the quality of young metallurgists and researchers graduating into the industry has improved markedly and is a cause for optimism for the future.

Little over a decade ago many post-graduate students presenting their work at international conferences lacked confidence and looked to their supervisors to respond to difficult questions from the audience. Now, however, there is an authority to their presentations, and the manner of their handling of discussions shows a real depth of knowledge of their work.

Another thing I notice is that there are very few 'wallflowers' these days, standing shyly on their own clutching their coffee cups. Young people now have the confidence to seek out experienced workers in their field and make valuable future contacts.

So maybe we shouldn't worry too much about the lack of quantity and rejoice more at the motivation of those young people who do decide that mineral processing is the career for them.

Young metallurgists at Comminution '12 networking with the experienced Paul Cleary

...and with Dee Bradshaw at Flotation '11

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