Monday, 7 May 2012

Book your seats for New Delhi

A welcome visitor to the final wine function at Comminution '12 was Prof. Cyril O'Connor, chairman of the International Mineral Processing Council, pictured left with Craig Brown of JKMRC and Aubrey Mainza of UCT. Cyril travels widely and I was pleased to hear him say that the word all over the world is that MEI Conferences are the ones not to miss.
It looks like the other event to be at this year is September's IMPC in New Delhi. Cyril was very enthusiastic about how things are going in preparation for this, which has already received a record number of international abstracts, and has the potential for a record turnout.

The IMPCs are the great meeting places for mineral processors of every discipline, but after the mediocrity of Rome many thought that their days were numbered. However they bounced back with a vengeance in 2003 in Cape Town under Cyril's chairmanship and heralded in what I call the modern era of IMPCs, where conference dinners and social events were fun to be at, allowing delegates to relax and get to know each other. Prior to that they had, with a few exceptions, been formal boring affairs with interminable speeches by local dignitaries.
A great night at the Cape Town IMPC, 2003
After the recent spectacular IMPC dinners the organisers of the New Delhi IMPC have a great challenge ahead, but Cyril feels that they are well up to it.

A spectacular night at the 2008 IMPC in Beijing
So book your flights to India for September. I am looking forward to reporting on the IMPC and will be representing MEI with Amanda and Jon. Arrange your visa early though, as this can be quite complex and expensive!


  1. I have been on the IMPC website to book accommodation but see that this section is 'under construction'. A bit worrying as we are only 4 months away from the conference.
    Garry, Perth, Australia

  2. Andreas Fredriksson7 May 2012 at 09:56

    I agree with Garry! The organizers sent me some feedback that they are soon to publish the accomodations.

  3. The accomodation issue is being addressed by M/s Neumech Events. Their representatives Mr. Rajeev Kumar Sinha or Mr. Kamal Ahuja should be able to help. Their phone numbers are given below:
    +91 -97172 98175
    +91-97172 98180

    More details are available in our web site:

    1. Thanks BK. We have booked our accommodation in the Samrat Hotel using the web link above, and found it very quick and efficient

  4. I would recommend for visas. I sent my passport and application off a week ago, and passport and visa returned in the mail today.


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