Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Book Review: Biohydrometallurgical Processes: A practical approach

The following review has been provided by Prof. Fathi Habashi, of Laval University, Canada

Biohydrometallurgical Processes: A practical approach, edited by Luís Gonzaga Santos Sobral, Débora Monteiro de Oliveira, Carlos Eduardo Gomes de Souza, 308 pages 18 x 25.5 cm, hard cover, ISBN 978-85-61121-85-3, published by Centre for Mineral Technology (CETEM) in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

This book addresses practical aspects of different technological issues in biotechnology processes and is aimed at graduate students, academics, and industry professionals. It is composed of 14 articles illustrated mostly in color and fully documented by references to the original literature. The articles have the following titles:

1. Challenges in the bioleaching process (23 pages)
2. Mechanisms of bioleaching - basic understanding and possible industrial applications (14 pages)
3. Adaptability of bio-mining organisms in hydrometallurgical processes (31 pages)
4. Micro-organism counting techniques in hydrometallurgy (16 pages)
5. Scientific monitoring of industrial bioleaching process (13 pages)
6. Bio-oxidation amenability testing (21 pages)
7. Bioleaching of metal sulphide ores and concentrates (15 pages)
8. Electrochemical studies of sulphide minerals in the presence and absence of A. ferro-oxidans (26 pages)
9. Bio-hydrometallurgical applications of iron bio-reduction (20 pages)
10. Bio-oxidation of gold ores (17 pages)
11. Arsenic oxidation and stabilisation of refractory concentrates (33 pages)
12. Application of biotechnology to enhance nutrient bioavailability of rock powder for crop production systems (16 pages)
13. Biodegradation of crude oil bearing soils (25 pages)
14. Bio-desulphurisation of H2S-bearing industrial gas stream (21 pages)

The first two articles cover the mechanism of action of microorganisms on minerals while the remaining articles discuss technical applications. The editors are with the Centre for Mineral Technology in Rio de Janiero [a Brazilian Government organization]. the authors are mainly from Brazil with few from Spain, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, US, and Australia. The book is dedicated to the memory of Oswaldo Garcia Junior, former Professor at the São Paulo State University in Brazil who was a leader in biohydrometallurgy in the country. The book is printed on high quality paper, well edited, and well produced. However, an index is missing. It is certainly an excellent addition to the Library. Sincere congratulations to the editors and authors for a well done job.
Fathi Habashi


  1. An interesting article in Minerals Engineering Volume 32 (2012): The future of biotechnology in gold exploration and processing:

  2. Does anybody know how to obtain a copy of 'Biohydrometallurgical Processes: A practical approach'? I have emailed CETEM a few times but have not had much success. Perhaps there is another source?
    Thanks, Kim


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