Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Peter Amelunxen- first MEI Award winner

Peter Amelunxen and Dave Meadows receive the
Taggart Award from MPD Chairman Courtney Young
It was good to meet Peter Amelunxen for the first time, last week in Seattle. It was also particularly pleasing to see him and ex-Camborne student David Meadows, picking up the Arthur F. Taggart Award for their outstanding contributions to the science of mineral processing. What gave me the greatest pleasure, however, was being able to tell Peter that he was the inaugural recipient of the annual MEI Young Person's Award, for his achievements in mineral processing in 2011. Full details are on MEI Online.

Peter has been invited to an MEI Conference to receive his award. Congratulations from all at MEI.

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  1. Congratulations are in order Peter Amelunxen and Dave Meadows for winning the Taggart Award.Great thanks to MEI for the very informative Blog.Peter and Dave, your novel contribution to the Minerals Processing profession is highly valued and will always be cherished by those with a passion for the minerals industry. Cheers.


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