Tuesday, 28 February 2012

CSM Connections

Two of the oldest and most well known mining schools in the world are the Colorado School of Mines in USA, and the Camborne School of Mines in UK, both normally known as CSM.

The photo below was taken at the recent SME Annual Meeting in Seattle.

On the left is Prof. Corby Anderson of Colorado, and on the extreme right Prof. Erik Spiller, also of Colorado. I am 2nd right, lecturer at Camborne from 1974-1996.

Next to Prof. Anderson is his son Caelen, and to his left Joseph Grogan. Both Caelen and Joseph are currently undertaking PhD research in mineral processing at Colorado, but what I think makes them unique is that when they are awarded their PhDs they will have degrees from both Colorado and Camborne, Caelen receiving an MSc in mineral processing in 2011, and Joseph in 2010.

Will whoever is first awarded his PhD also be the first person to have ever received degrees from both CSMs?

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