Saturday, 18 February 2012

Check your Visa Waiver before leaving for USA!

I had a very fraught time today on my arrival at Heathrow Airport for my flight to Seattle.

I had applied for my electronic Visa Waiver (ESTA) last October, which was approved, but when I tried to check in, I found that it had expired only 2 months after the application!

I then had a frantic hour applying again online, and after doing that being informed that I should allow 72 hours for processing! Luckily when I reported back to check-in, the application had been approved and I was allowed on the flight. I would like to thank BA for their asistance in helping me process this second application- personally I always find their staff helpful and accommodating.

But my advice is- check your ESTA approval very carefully before you travel- I shall from now on.

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