Friday, 9 July 2010

Precious Metals and Nickel Processing- 3 weeks on

It seems years ago, but Nickel Processing '10 finished only 3 weeks ago today. It was the end of a great week of conferences in Falmouth, commencing with Precious Metals '10.

Work has now commenced on production of special Minerals Engineering issues, with the aid of my specialist advisors Dr. Mike Adams (Precious Metals) and Dr. Norman Lotter (Nickel Processing).

Reports on the conferences can be found here  (Precious Metals '10) and here (Nickel Processing '10).

Downloadable photos are available here (Precious Metals' 10) and here (Nickel Processing '10).

The conference Proceedings CDs are now available for purchase here (Precious Metals '10) and here (Nickel Processing '10).

Once again, thanks to all who took part in these two rewarding events.

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