Friday, 18 June 2010

Nickel Processing '10- final day

This morning was the Jacques Eksteen show, with 4 presentations by Jacques on various aspects of Ni-Cu matte pyrometallurgy. Luckily I was aware beforehand that Jacques is a fine presenter, as I have known him for many years. He is now a consulting metallurgist with Lonmin, and prior to that he was a lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch.  Incidentally, he also gave two presentations at Precious Metals '10, so it has been a hard week for him. Despite that he has managed to see a great deal of Britain during his visit.

The final paper of the morning session was given by Arthur Barnes of Xstrata Process Support (XPS), Canada, who posed the question- nickeliferous pyrrhotite- waste or resource?

The afternoon session was chaired by Dr. Norman Lotter of XPS, who introduced the final three papers, from Canada, Australia and China, before finally summing up the conference. Norman will stay on as consultant for the next Nickel Processing conference, planned to be held in Cape Town in November 2012, following Process Mineralogy '12 and Precious Metals '12.

This has been a fine small conference, blessed by wonderful weather which has helped delegates to network in the evenings. I would like to thank Xstrata Process Support for their sponsorship of Nickel Processing '10, and in particular Norman Lotter for his conscientious approach to his consulting duties. Norman and the rest of the Xstrata contingent are photographed above: Stanko Nikolic (Xstrata Technology, Australia), Arthur Barnes (XPS, Canada), me, Norm Lotter (XPS, Canada) and Martin Bakker (XT, Australia).

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