Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Scattered far and wide!

The good news this morning is that European airspace has re-opened, so we should be on the move soon.

Minerals Engineers are great travellers, so there must be many stranded, like Amanda and Jon, around the world.  I had an email from Rob Bowell of SRK Consulting, UK, who is stuck in Denver, and MEI's SRCR '11 consultant, Markus Reuter, of Ausmelt, Australia, who has been unable to leave Helsinki. On a lighter note, and in true Basil Fawlty fashion, Comminution '10 delegate John Starkey was delayed at Atlanta airport, almost missing his flight to Toronto, when a sniffer dog detected a ham sandwich in his briefcase!

If you have any interesting travel stories please let me know. I would particularly like to hear from Comminution '10 delegates, many of whom must still be waiting to fly from Cape Town.

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