Thursday, 1 April 2010

AkzoNobel converts science fiction into science fact

Great news in this morning from reagent manufacturer AkzoNobel.  They have developed a revolutionary new paint  which cracks one of the biggest ever scientific challenges – invisibility. Working with renowned nanotechnology Professor Olaf Proli, the company has developed a hi-tech textile coating – Invisulux® –  which renders people wearing the painted garments invisible. Successful trials have already been carried out by interested security and defense organizations.

Naturally we at MEI were slightly sceptical about the claims, but asked for a sample pot.  Surprisingly it is highly effective, as this picture of me at my desk shows.  Now it is only a matter of exploring the potential uses of this product. Does anyone have any ideas?


  1. Check out the official Akzo Nobel video here:

    Did you lend some of this paint to Jon? He doesn't appear to be at his desk today...

  2. If he does call in, could you tell him that I can't see him today?


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