Sunday, 14 February 2010

MEI's first conference

Although I have been involved with the international Minerals Engineering conferences since 1991, the early events were organised by CSMA, the consultancy wing of Camborne School of Mines.

I parted from CSMA in 1998 and the first MEI conference, Minerals Engineering '98, was a memorable event, and our only conference to date held in Scotland. It was also Amanda's first MEI conference, before she joined MEI in 1999.

My most vivid memories are of the 'piping in of the haggis' at the conference dinner (left), the golf tournament at St. Andrews, and the visit to Glen Turret, Scotland's oldest malt whisky distillery.

Do any of you have any memories of this event, or can identify the people in the photos (don't forget that if you click on a photo you will get the high resolution image)?

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