Sunday, 22 November 2009

First feedback on Flotation ‘09

An email in this morning from MEI’s good friend, and consultant to Nickel Processing ’10, Dr. Norman Lotter, who is safely home in Sudbury after an uneventful but tiring return trip from South Africa.

He is pleased that he and his co-author, Prof. Dee Bradshaw, received very favourable comments and compliments about their paper on mixed collectors, the response exceeding their expectations.

Dee Bradshaw and Norman Lotter at Flotation '09

Norm says of Flotation ’09 “It was an excellent conference that typifies MEI. The strong attendance in spite of the recession tells of the value that the delegates see in both its technical value and networking value.”

Norm, we really do appreciate your comments which make worthwhile all our efforts to produce high quality events.

There was a definite spirit of optimism at the conference regarding the economic recovery. Looking at the commodity prices adds weight to this optimism. Base metal prices have increased steadily over the past 12 months, copper from just under $4000/t to $6700/t, lead from 900 to 2400 $/t, zinc from 1200 to 2200 $/t and nickel from 9000 to 16,500 $/t. Precious metal prices have also gained steadily. So I think we should look forward to 2010 with cautious optimism.

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