Monday, 10 August 2009

Memories of Peter King (1938-2006)

An email just received from Fathi Habashi, of Laval University, Canada:

"My first visit to S. Africa was on the occasion of 75th Anniversary of the S. African Chemical Society. In November 1986 I received a telephone call from Dr. Michael Laing, Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Professor of Chemistry at the University of Natal, inviting me to present a Keynote Lecture at the conference. I accepted and went to Durban at Hotel Elengeni where the conference took place July 6-10, 1987 . At that time visitors to South Africa had the option to buy a “See South Africa” ticket at a reduced price if one extends his visit for two weeks which was an excellent opportunity for me and my wife to visit a number of cities. In Johannesburg I visited the University of Witwatersrand where I met Peter King in his office. My wife Nadia took the photo. Incidentally, I met Peter King again during my visit to Salt Lake City in 1991 where I stopped at the University of Utah to give a seminar to students at the Department of Metallurgy. I was on my way to California to attend a conference on fine particles. I came across the photo because I am preparing a paper entitled, "Travelling in South Africa" to be presented at the International Session of SME Annual Meeting that will take place in February 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona."

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