Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Whatever happened to Axsia-Mozley

Many people have asked me if I know whether Axsia Mozley, formerly Richard Mozley Ltd, and manufacturer of small diameter cyclones and the Multi-Gravity Separator (MGS), is still in existence.

A late registrant to Physical Processing '09 was Ian Daniels, Business Development Manager to the former Axsia Mozley, now Natco UK Ltd Mozley Group.

Although they are still involved in the minerals industry, their main business is oil and gas. Within the minerals field, small diameter (10mm to 250mm) hydrocyclones are still their main output, and the MGS is still being manufactured, in 3 sizes:
C-900 (laboratory scale)
C-902 (production size up to 4tph)
MegaSep (demo only at the moment and up to 25tph for heavy minerals and 50tph for coal).

Around 50 C-902 models are in use around the world, mainly in Turkey, Australia, South America, North Africa and India, treating various materials, including tin, chromite, copper and zinc.

I have asked Ian to send more news on developments, particularly the recent commissioning of a full-scale pilot plant in Gloucester.


  1. I think enough time has passed that this post may need an update....

  2. Sorry but you did not leave your name. If you feel that this should be updated, please feel free to do so in a further comment

  3. How can I reach Mozleys. I have send many e-mail to Mozley, but no answer was replied...

  4. Mozley Ltd no longer exists. Many of the Mozley personnel are now with Salter Cyclones, UK


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