Thursday, 5 February 2009

Conference News

We hear that the recent Canadian Mineral Processors’ conference in Ottawa had a good turnout of approx 425. The usual numbers are 380-450. According to our Canadian contact the base metal operators are keenly looking for operations efficiency ideas. This bodes well for mineral processing conferences, despite the recession.

Other good news is that the AMIRA P9 meeting in November is being arranged in Cape Town, to correspond with MEI’s Flotation ’09 conference.


  1. I am not a regular participant of CMP conferences. My first participation was in 1997. In January 2009 I went again and was impressed by the well organized conference and a well produced proceedings volume. Incidentally, I attended the meeting in Janusry 1962 held at the Mines Branch [later became known as CANMET]on Booth Street in Ottawa when it was decided to hold such meetings annually that became known later as Canadain Mineral Processors. The 1962 meeting was chaired by Dr. Kenneth W. Downes (1909-1996) Chief of the Extractive Metallurgy Division and at that time I was preparing a review on the cyanidation process that was published few years later when I took a teaching position at Montana Scholl of Mines in Butte as Bulletin 59 of Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology. The progress made by CMP is remarkable and I recommend to mineral processing engineers from other countries to join on January every year in Ottawa. Fathi Habashi

  2. I agree with you Fathi. I have attended this event a number of times, and have always been impressed by its efficiency and simplicity- by this I mean it is not bogged down by an enormous organising committee as are many conferences. Even in the present economic climate it has been successful again this year- I believe that good conferences will survive the recession and come out of it all the stronger.

    Barry Wills, MEI


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