Monday, 4 May 2020

Hi-Tech Metals '20 and Process Mineralogy '20 are cancelled

I am sure that it will come as no big surprise that the two MEI conferences, scheduled for Cape Town in October, have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
The next Hi-Tech Metals and Process Mineralogy conferences are now scheduled for November 2022 in Cape Town.


  1. Barry,
    I am sure and pray that world gets back to normal soon and I feel a new order and change will come in future--we will learn on how to work together and not in competition. More brotherhood and order in all walks of life--so many lessons to learn .
    Keep the Blog running as it spreads positive energy.

  2. Dear Barry,
    Its sad to have the major applied mineralogy conference cancelled, but probably no way to get around it. We'll get back to it in 2022, to make it the best conference ever! Take care.

    1. Thanks unknown (name?). Process Mineralogy '22 will be November 14-16, and Hi-Tech Metals '22 November 17-18. Both at Vineyard Hotel as always

  3. Sorry, as I can see I comment as Reiner Neumann, I though it would be added. Not used to blog. I'll be there in November '22! Cheers


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