Friday, 8 May 2020

Cape Town IMPC postponed to April 2021

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the organising committee of the XXX International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC), scheduled to be held in Cape Town from 18-22 October, today made the decision to postpone the event to April of next year.
The IMPC will now take place at the Cape Town Convention Centre from April 18-22 2021.
This may seem an unfortunate choice of dates, as on 12th March (MEI Blog) it was announced that MEI's Comminution '20 conference was postponed until April 19-22, the venue also being Cape Town, at the Vineyard Hotel.
However, MEI and IMPC have agreed to work together towards what could be an attractive option for comminution specialists- the chance to take part in two major conferences in a single week, with the added benefits of reduced travel and accommodation costs.
MEI's comminution consultant is Prof. Aubrey Mainza, of the University of Cape Town, who is also on the local organising committee for the IMPC, and MEI is a media partner for IMPC. Our plan is to arrange the timetables for the two events such that IMPC delegates with an interest in comminution can attend sessions at Comminution '21, and vice-versa. The two venues are only 12 km apart and taxis are cheap and plentiful, Uber also operating in the city.
We already have many papers in the Comminution '21 programme, transferred from Comminution '20, and these will be supplemented with further presentations from our call for abstracts. The deadline for short abstracts is the end of October.  The associated exhibition is almost sold out, but two booths are currently available for rental.
We at MEI are greatly looking forward to working with the organising committee of the IMPC to put together what will probably be a unique combination of conferences in what we hope will be unique times.
Updates on Comminution '21 are at #Comminution21


  1. Barry, I am sure all will get back to normal;I feel the way everyone thinks, on way of living and of their own profession and how important each segment of the world change --may be a new ERA.
    Best wishes to you and Family and all the Members of MEI.

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts, TC.


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