Saturday, 4 August 2018

Great news for Starkey & Associates

Interesting to hear recently (MEI Online) of an alliance between two Canadian companies. Starkey & Associates Inc. is well known in the minerals industry, being a world leader in SAG mill design. Sacré-Davey Engineering is perhaps not so well known, the company having a high profile in mine design.
Sacré-Davey has announced the expansion of its engineering and project management services by joining forces with Starkey & Associates, the Sacré-Davey team from Toronto moving to the Starkey & Associates Offices in Oakville, with John Starkey heading the office group as Chief Metallurgist for Sacré-Davey Engineering. John says "I am excited about this agreement because it brings into play all of my previous engineering and operating experience and allows the mill design development work, which I recently completed, to be implemented directly into new process plants, bringing great value to Starkey and Sacré-Davey clients".
Over recent years John Starkey and his wife Donna have become great friends of the MEI family, and we meet up roughly once a year, at MEI's comminution conferences in Cape Town, and at the SME Meetings in Denver. 
Barbara with Donna and John Starkey
John will be 82 years old this month, and has often spoken about the possibility of retirement (or at least Donna has), but I have always been sceptical. He is passionate about what he does, and has obvious immense pride in his company, which is very highly regarded in the minerals industry. I would think that, with this latest exciting venture, his plans for retirement will be kept on hold for the foreseeable future, and I am sure that we will continue to see John and Donna at major conferences around the world for many years to come, along with their two outstanding young metallurgists, Spencer Reeves and Jenna Hedderson. We wish them all well.
With Jenna and Spencer
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  1. John.I agree with Barry. The profession needs comitted people like you to guide the profession and mold the young.
    All the best.
    If possible give some details on the new design and its special features and its benefits. Both industry and academic community need some case studies because selection of comminution circuits has been and still is a grey area.


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