Friday, 27 October 2017

Lunch with the Townsends

Ian Townsend was a very well known figure in the minerals industry, until his retirement from Outotec in November 2015 brought to an end his 45 years in the industry. During that time he lived and worked in Zambia, South Africa and Australia, as well as his home country the UK, and made multiple visits to more than 20 other countries for projects.  Working in the mining industry gave him a global network of friends, including Barbara and me, and it was good to meet up for lunch with Ian and his wife Pat today in Falmouth to reminisce about old times.
Now enjoying his retirement, "the best job that I have ever had", he and Pat have visited places in the UK that they have not seen for many years, and now that he has a little more free time he has also started doing occasional minerals engineering consultancy (Rock Art Consulting)- it's hard to fully divorce yourself from the minerals industry!!
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