Monday, 27 July 2015

Nickel, Cobalt and Precious Metals Conferences

MEI has for several years been a media partner for the ALTA series of conferences, held annually in Perth, Australia. These conferences are held over 5 days in May and cover the processing of nickel, cobalt, precious metals, copper, uranium and REE ores.

MEI's Precious Metals and Nickel-Cobalt conferences are held back to back over 4 days and this year were also held in May, which with hindsight was not a great idea.

In order to separate the two conferences, and to give workers in these fields the opportunity of networking with workers in opposite ends of the world, the next conferences in the MEI series will be held in October 2016, often a good time of year in Falmouth.

Precious Metals, and Nickel and Cobalt Processing are MEI's smallest conferences, but they provide excellent networking opportunities (see reports on Precious Metals '15 and Nickel Processing '15), with delegates from many countries discussing innovations and common problems with the aim of optimising plant operations. This is particularly important at times of depressed metal prices, and they could not be more depressed than at the present time, with the gold price recently falling to a 5-year low (see also an interesting discussion on LinkedIn- Low Metal Prices- Problem or Opportunity?). So we look forward once again to researchers and operators from around the world meeting in Falmouth in 15 months time.
Delegates at Precious Metals '15 relaxing in Falmouth
Full details of the conferences, including Calls for Abstracts, can be found at Precious Metals '16 and Nickel and Cobalt Processing '16.

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