Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Important new papers on nickel processing in latest issue of Minerals Engineering

Nickel Processing '15 got off to a fine start this morning, and we look forward to some stimulating papers on the processing of nickel sulphide and laterite ores.

Dr. Andrew Mitchell of Wood McKenzie, UK, opened the conference with an excellent keynote lecture. There is a surplus of nickel at the moment but he predicted that this would move into deficit by the end of the year and that there was "no question that the future of nickel supply will depend on laterites".

Although a very small MEI conference, the 27 delegates from 12 countries will be treated to a fine series of presentations over the next two days. As if to complement the programme, Volume 77, the latest issue of Minerals Engineering, has just been published on ScienceDirect, and this contains some excellent papers, three on the recovery of nickel and cobalt from laterites, and one on the flotation of Ni-Cu ores.
Definitely worth checking out.

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