Thursday, 17 July 2014

Selfrag's KP van der Wielen calls in

Dr. Klaas van der Wielen, of Selfrag, Switzerland, called in at MEI this morning. He is in Cornwall for his stag celebrations, prior to his wedding next month in The Netherlands.

With Klaas at MEI
We last saw him in Cape Town in April, where he presented an interesting paper at Comminution '14 on electro- fragmentation of particles, a technology which has consistently been demonstrated at batch scale but which has yet to be proven on a commercial basis for large scale continuous processing. There are exciting times ahead, however. Work is progressing on the pilot plant to prove the viability of the technology and there are many potential projects in the pipeline, including copper-gold ores, iron ores, as well as comminution of incinerator slags and silicon ingots.

A full description of the technology can be found on MEI Online and we look forward to updates at Comminution '16.

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