Saturday, 1 March 2014

Jan Miller on the road to a full recovery

As you will all know, Prof. Jan Miller, of the University of Utah, was seriously injured in an horrific car accident in Tibet early in the year.

Progress to a full recovery has been long and hard, but it was good to see that he was able to make an appearance at this week's SME in Salt Lake City, to attend some of the Fuerstenau Symposium.

Unfortunately I missed seeing him, as I was preparing for my journey back to UK, but this photo of Jan, with Prof. Jan Laskowski and Prof. Jan Cilliers, has been kindly supplied by Dr. Xuming Wang, who was also seriously injured in the crash.

It is good to see Jan looking so well after his ordeal.



  1. By email from Dr. Xuming Wang
    On 9 March 2014 it will be eight months since Professor Jan Miller’s automobile accident in Tibet. Progress has been slow, but steady. The broken bones have healed nicely without any surgery being necessary, and his injured shoulder responded so well to physical therapy, that no surgery was necessary to repair that, either. Before knee surgery on 31 January, Professor Miller was driving, walking (albeit with considerable pain from his knee), and swimming. He was coming into his office on a somewhat regular basis, but not always spending full days there, as his strength and stamina had not quite fully returned. After total knee replacement surgery at the end of January, and spending several days in the hospital, Professor Miller spent about 2-1/2 weeks at a pleasant rehab facility undergoing rather intense physical therapy. The knee is feeling better, but now needs to regain its strength and flexibility. The surgery has been a bit of a set back for Professor Miller’s overall progress, but with that behind him, we are all optimistic that with God’s grace and enablement there will be continued healing, and when the issue of his back pain is addressed, a full recovery. Dr. Miller was delighted to be able to spend some time on Tuesday, February the 25th, at the SME Meetings in Salt Lake City listening to some of the presentations, meeting and greeting colleagues and former students, and attending the U of U College of Mines and Earth Sciences Alumni Function. Professor Miller, his family, and his “university family” are so grateful for all the prayers, emails, cards, phone calls, visits, gifts, and other means by which so many people all across the world have expressed their concern, sending well wishes for his healing and recovery. Knowing that so many people care and have taken the time to express their care and concern has been a great source of comfort, encouragement and strength to the Millers throughout this long ordeal. Thank you all so very much.

  2. Dr. Miller,

    You're truly a treasure to everyone around you. I am happy to see that you're doing well and on the way to a full recovery. May you have many more years of great health and continue to bring light into the lives of those around you. For, you have touched my life very deeply.

    Thank you Dr. Xuming, for the post.


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