Friday, 14 March 2014

Cornish Mining Sundowner, March

The sundowner was held a little earlier than usual this month, to allow for an expected influx of 'old- boys' who come from around the world to attend the CSM Annual Dinner, which will be held tomorrow.

In the event the turn-out was a little disappointing, and there was only a handful of mineral processors at the Chain Locker pub. It was good to have a couple of pints with Dr. Klaas van der Wielen, of Selfrag AG, Swizerland, who will be presenting a paper, and chairing a session at Comminution '14 next month, MEI Biohydromet '14 consultant Dr. Chris Bryan, of Exeter University, and Bentley Orchard of Weir Minerals, UK.

In the Chain Locker with Klaas, Chris and Bentley

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