Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Special Biohydrometallurgy issue of Minerals Engineering published

Eighteen of the papers presented at last June’s Biohydrometallurgy ‘12 conference in Falmouth, UK, have now been published in Volume 48 of Minerals Engineering, and the papers are available for downloading from ScienceDirect.

The conference proceedings, containing unrefereed papers, is available on CD. A full list of the papers on the CD can be found by clicking here.

The next Biohydrometallurgy conference, Biohydromet ‘14, will be held in Falmouth in June 2014, and again will provide speakers with the opportunity of presenting their work to an elite international audience, as well as having the opportunity of publishing the work in a leading mineral processing peer-reviewed journal. The conference will run back to back with SRCR ’14 at the same venue.

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