Thursday, 23 May 2013

Conference memories- the XVIIth IMPC in Sydney, 1993

Twenty years ago today the XVIIth International Mineral Processing Congress, the first to be held in Australia, commenced at Darling Harbour, Sydney.  The congress was attended by 642 delegates, and 220 papers were presented. Compare that with the second IMPC in Australia, held in Brisbane in 2010, where 1001 delegates attended, and 400 papers were presented!

Do any of you have particular memories of the event? Below are a few photos taken at the conference dinner:

IMPC 1993
With Gordon Agar and John & Cindy Herbst

IMPC 1993
With Errol Kelly and future IMPC Chairman Cyril O'Connor

IMPC 1993
With Richard Williams, Julie Holl, Andy Stradling, Ian Sheffield-Parker and Martin Moloney

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