Saturday, 2 June 2012

Falmouth celebrates

Pasties ready for the oven
In fact the whole of Cornwall has been rejoicing this week with the headline news that the Government has performed a U-turn on chancellor George Osborne's tax on food served fresh from the oven 'above ambient temperature'. What this means to delegates arriving in Falmouth for Biohydromet '12 is that there will be no 20% VAT imposed on their Cornish pasties!!

If that wasn't sufficient cause for celebrations, today Falmouth came alive for the central weekend of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. She became Elizabeth II on 6th February 1952, and was crowned on June 2nd 1953.

June 2nd 1953, with sister Pat

How different it was 59 years ago. On June 2nd 1953 I was seven years old. I watched the flickering images of the Coronation with my family in our council house just outside Manchester. We were the only family in the street with a TV, bought especially for this great event.  It's also hard to believe that, unbeknown to me, Barbara was celebrating the day only a mile away. We met almost 9 years later.
Celebrations, Falmouth Harbour, June 2nd 2012


  1. With all the dire news from around the globe, headlines in UK are a U-turn on pasty tax. You Brits don't know how lucky you are!
    Jim, Tucson, Arizona

  2. Some of us do Jim, believe me


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