Friday, 23 September 2011

Memories of the XVII IMPC, Dresden, 1991

Over 700 participants, from around 40 countries, attended the XVII IMPC, which started 20 years ago today.  It was held at the Cultural Palace, situated in the centre of Dresden, the main city in the region of Saxony, an area which has made major contributions to the mining industry over the centuries.

The IMPC had been planned to give delegates an insight into East Germany, but by the time of the event reunification had taken place. It was a shock to many of us, however, to see that the massive devastation caused by allied bombing in 1945 was still very much in evidence in the beautiful area around the river Elbe.
Dresden 1945
Dresden 1991
The conference and exhibition were well organised, as were the social events, including a memorable boat trip on the Elbe to Konigstein.

With Joan Brookes and Richard Mozley
Delegates at Konigstein

On the River Elbe

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