Friday, 5 March 2010

Minerals Engineering and IJMP receive highest ratings from Australian Research Council

Naturally I am very pleased with the news, reported in MEI Online, that Minerals Engineering and International Journal of Mineral Processing have received the highest possible ratings of A* by the Australian Research Council, as part of its Excellence in Research initiative.

The list has been prepared by many committees, the aim being to rank journals relatively within specific discipline areas, rather than ranking all journals absolutely.

The question they tried to answer was: where do the best people in a given field like to publish their papers? This is a much more sensible approach than the dubious impact factor guide, and I hope that other countries will adopt this method of grading.

The Elsevier journal Hydrometallurgy also received an A* rating.

Other mineral processing journals received the following ratings:

Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly:   C
European Journal of Mineral Processing and Environmental Protection:   C
Journal of Metals (JOM):    A
Metallurgical Transactions B:   A
Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review:     B
Powder Technology:      A
Trans. IMM Section C:    A

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  1. I believe that the reasons for the high regard for Minerals Engineering held by the practicing Mineral Process Engineer are the practicability of many of the papers published in the journal, their general high degree of readability and their timliness; this last factor due to the review system employed and the gentle prodding by the editorial staff to ensure that reviews are completed in a timely manner.
    MJ (Mike) Fairweather
    MJ Fairweather & Associates Inc.
    Rossland, B.C., Canada


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