Thursday, 4 March 2010

Literature display at conferences

Arrived back in Falmouth just before midnight yesterday.  A final thought on the SME:

Delegates at all MEI Conferences are encouraged to display their company, institution, or conference literature. We provide an exhibit booth for this, or if no exhibition, a literature display table.

Until fairly recently the SME provided a literature display area, but no longer.  In fact there seems to be a policy that only SME material be displayed. I left MEI Conference flyers in stategic areas in the exhibition and technical session areas, but they soon disappeared, not, I feel sure, by eager mineral processors, but more by the SME staff.

This is a very narrow-minded policy.  Surely the more that people mix at events all over the world, the more they will hear of other events.  This is certainly our view, so come on SME, how about a return to the open literature display stands next year in Denver?

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  1. I agree, the more info the better, especially when you're not forcing it into people's faces, just leaving things there for them to pick up.

    I guess the sponsors who've paid the big bucks don't appreciate others being able to give free marketing to attendees?

    If they can't accept an open exhibition area or table for people to leave things on, why not have a category of sponsorship for a hundred dollars or so that allows people who are attending the conference as paying delegates to put some materials out? They have paid the full price to attend after all!

    Well done MEI for keeping on allowing it.


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