Sunday, 18 October 2009

10th Mill Ops Conference

After a 44 hour journey home I am back in Falmouth getting ready for next months Flotation '09 conference in South Africa.
The 10th Mill Operators conference took place in Adelaide and showed that people are coming back to conferences with an optimistic but cautious view to the future. There were around 300 delegates and the exhibition had sold out months before.

The MEI booth had lots of visitors, the first of which was Nick Slade (pictured with me below) from Golder Paste Technology. Nick is also based in Falmouth and was kind enough to invite me out on the Golders boat in the summer to watch some sailing.

It's always nice to meet people who haven't been to our conferences but take great interest in our future events.

This was my second Mill Ops conference and once again it was well organised with a good dinner and the now expected comedian!

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