Tuesday, 25 August 2009

News from the Sudbury Conference

The COM 2009 Nickel, Cobalt conference ends tomorrow in Sudbury, Ontario.

A special session at the conference honoured Jim Finch, of McGill University, and Norman Lotter of Xstrata reports that Jim’s special session saw some really good fundamental flotation papers, including one from Prof Roe-Huan Yoon on collectors. Janusz Laskowski did a fine job on potash flotation. What was very nice was that many of the presenters are ex-students or old classmates of Jim (Norman learnt that Roe-Huan Yoon studied alongside Jim in their respective MSc programmes at McGill 1968-1969).

The photos above are:
  • Profs Janusz Laskowski and Graeme Jameson at the conf
  • Prof. Finch, Dr Brian Hart (UWO) (co-session chair) and Assoc-Prof Sadan Kelebek (Queens)(co-session chair) at the start of the special session on flotation to honour Jim for his good work
  • Lotter and Finch at the Timberwolf golf course, Sunday

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