Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The importance of networking

Jitendra Mihsra, of Bateman, India, today became the 200th member of the Minerals Engineers group at LinkedIn.

I joined LinkedIn only 3 months ago, and set up the Minerals Engineers group, and it has proved to be a great way of keeping in touch, and of discovering lost contacts.

Networking is essential in developing business links, and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are invaluable, but there is no substitute for face to face contact, and this is where attendance at conferences and other meetings is all important.

MEI aims to be represented at as many major conferences around the world as possible, and very few visits prove ineffective in developing new contacts and ideas.

A glance at the left hand column of the MEI Online home page and the Calendar of Events shows that we are involved in some capacity with many upcoming conferences, so if you are organising a meeting give us a call and I am sure that we can arrange a mutually beneficial, non financial, deal. It may just be as simple as a display of logos on respective websites.

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