Friday, 24 October 2014

October Cornish Mining Sundowner

Jon Wills - 

Last nights Sundowner at The Chain Locker attracted around 10 people. Due to the timing coinciding with toddler food and bed time I don't get to go down too often so it was nice to be able to have a catch up with the regulars.

Nick Eastwood, Tony Batchelor, Nick Wilshaw, Jon Wills,
Felicity Wilshaw, Bentley Orchard & Frances Wall

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Final Farewells at IMPC 2014

A wonderful few days in Santiago ended today with a final farewell party by the Sheraton pool. Many thanks to the organising committe, led by Prof. Juan Yianatos, conference manager Romke Kuyvenhoven and the impressive Gecamin team (pictured below with IMPC 2016 chairman Jim Finch).

More photos on this posting next week.

IMPC Gala Dinner

Last night's Awards Dinner at Casa Piedra in Santiago was a very special occasion for me and Prof. R-H Yoon, and also for the young people who were presented with Young Authors' Awards fo their presentations at the Congress. It was also a wonderful evening with some superb Chilean entertainment.

Despite the copious amounts of Chilean wine, I managed to snap off many photos, and I will add many more to this posting next week when I have high speed internet again.

The proudest moment of my professional life

The International Mineral Processing Council (IMPC) Council "may from time to time make an award known as the "Distinguished Service Award" to persons who have over a sustained period made distinguished and  noteworthy contributions to the field of Mineral Processing and the activities of the Council and/or its Congresses". At last night's glittering IMPC Gala Dinner in Santiago, I was proud and delighted to become only the 3rd ever recipient of this award, which was presented in 2008 to Prof. Nat Arbiter (USA) and in 2010 to Prof. Jacques Astier (France).

The citation for the Award read:

"Dr. Wills, an alumnus of Leeds University, has contributed to the mineral processing community in several capacities. His main quest during his long career has been to promote the distribution and dissemination of mineral processing engineering knowledge within the community of mineral processors worldwide. During his career Dr. Wills has served the mineral processing community and obtained results, which merits him for the Distinguished Service Award of IMPC.

After gaining industrial experience in Zambia and in UK, he devoted 22 years to teaching mineral processing students at Camborne School of Mines. From his needs as a lecturer grew a seminal and successful book “Mineral Processing Technology” in 1979. It has become a “household” book world over and is currently on its 7th edition. Its impacts on the discipline have been profound.

The next step in his quest for knowledge distribution was the foundation of Mineral Engineering journal in 1988. The journal has come to be known for its quality of papers and promptness of its editor. He continues to serve as its editor-in-chief.

Dr. Wills then created a very successful conference series in 1991. By concentrating on narrow fields of subjects aimed for specialists, but by creating a continuum from them, he has been able to create a model that has gained a widespread popularity. The number of topics has substantially grown during the years and now covers the discipline widely and very well. Famous are the series in comminution and in flotation that have been organised from the beginning. The conferences and the special issues published from the presented papers have proven to be a very exciting formula maximising the information and dissemination impact. The conferences have also proven to be very successful in networking people from young graduates to distinguished professors.

In 1999 Dr. Wills took his ideas of knowledge distribution to the internet by creating, along with his daughter Amanda, MEI Online, now a respected and well-known source of data and information. Within MEI Online Dr. Wills himself contributes actively in creating discussion topics and writing an interesting blog.

Dr. Wills’ achievements in disseminating mineral processing knowledge and information are extraordinary.  With his efforts many results and ideas have been disseminated efficiently."

There are literally thousands of people who have contributed to my receipt of this award, and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking them collectively.  Firstly I must thank the IMPC, and particularly those who nominated me, for honouring me in this way.

A special thanks to my family, the MEI team, particularly my wife Barbara, who has supported me in everything that I have done for half a century, and our daughter Amanda, and son Jon.

For half my professional life I was a member of staff at Camborne School of Mines (CSM) and I would like to thank all those that I worked with during those 22 years, particularly my mineral processing colleagues Roger Parker, Jim Turner and Vic Phillips, who are sadly no longer with us, and the Principal for most of my time at CSM, Dr. Peter Hackett, who gave me almost free-rein to make new contacts by travelling the world, often for extended periods as a visiting lecturer in Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, India and France.

For over half my professional life I have been associated with Minerals Engineering journal, and I thank all the Pergamon and Elsevier staff who I have worked with during that time, particularly my current Publishing Manager Dean Eastbury, who has become a great friend of the family. Thanks also to my Editorial Board Members, past and present, and the many hundreds of people who have given their time to reviewing papers for the journal.

Finally I would like to thank all of you in the mineral processing community. If I was not interested in you and the things that you do I would not have the motivation to do what I do.

It has been a long and rewarding journey, but I have not reached my destination yet

Lifetime Achievement Award to Prof. Roe-Hoan Yoon

The IMPC Lifetime Achievement Award (LAA) "recognises a lifetime of distinguished achievement and outstanding contribution to the advancement of the art, science and industrial practice of mineral processing together with participation in and contribution to the IMPC".

At last night's IMPC Gala Dinner in Santiago the LAA was awarded to Prof. Roe-Hoan Yoon, a University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech. He earned his B.S. degree from Seoul National University (1967) and his M.S. (1971) and Ph.D. (1977) degrees from McGill University. He worked as a Research Scientist at the Canada Center for Minerals and Energy Technology (CANMET) from 1976 to1978 and joined the faculty of Virginia Tech in 1979. He currently serves as Director of the Center for Advanced Separation Technologies (CAST).

Prof. Yoon with Profs. Juan Yianatos and Cyril O 'Connor

Early in his career, his research focused on fine particle flotation, which led to the development of the Microcell flotation columns that are widely used in industry today, and also on the electrochemistry of sulfide mineral flotation.  During the last 25 years, Prof. Yoon has been focusing on the study of hydrophobic interactions, which have led to the development of new collectors, dewatering aids, a first-principle flotation model, and new separation processes. More recently, his research group developed a new instrument for visualizing bubble-particle interactions with a nanoscale resolution, which is useful for studying both the hydrodynamic and surface forces affecting flotation. His flotation model can be used to design a flotation circuit on the basis of information on mineral liberation, flotation cell hydrodynamics, and the reagents used. These research activities have resulted in over 330 technical publications, 13 book chapters, 1 book, more than 40 plenary and keynote papers at national and international meetings, and a number of Congressional testimonies. He has advised 40 Ph.D. students, 36 M.S. students, and around 40 post-doctoral fellows and visiting scholars. To date he has more than 70 U.S. and international patents to his credit, many of which have been commercialized through license agreements. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Gaudin (2003) and Richards (2007) awards.

Prof. Yoon is a very worthy winner of this award, and I extend hearty congratulations on behalf of MEI.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Tuesday evening in Santiago

The second day of the IMPC ended late afternoon with a General Body Meeting of the IMPC, where is was announced that the IMPC in 2018 will be held in Moscow. The next congress, in 2016, will be in Quebec City.

Then a complete change of scene, with an evening of culture at Castillo Hidalgo on Santa Lucia Hill, where we were entertained with a classical piano-opera concert, following a cocktail function.