Sunday, 26 May 2013

Another milestone for the Minerals Engineers group- 4000 members

I am pleased to report that MEI's Minerals Engineers group on LinkedIn continues to grow, and today membership reached 4000.

We have been very selective regarding membership, so that the group has become a dynamic forum for networking, and the next best thing to face-face contact.

The group is essentially the discussion forum for MEI, and supplements MEI Online and the MEI Blog. There are no News or Jobs sections in the group. Relevant news or jobs should be sent to, and these will be published free of charge in MEI Online. Conference and course announcements, and news of new publications, can be posted in Promotions, and/or submitted to Amanda for MEI Online. Vendors may list their company products and services in the Business Directory section of MEI Online.

If you are already a member, please encourage your colleagues and contacts to join. If not, then please join without delay!!

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