Thursday, 17 May 2012

Book Review- Separation Technologies for Minerals, Coal & Earth Resources

The following review has been submitted by Prof. Fathi Habashi, of Laval University, Canada:

Separation Technologies for Minerals, Coal & Earth Resources
Edited by Courtney A. Young and Gerald H. Luttrell,  published by Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, US$ 139 [discount for members and students].

The book is dedicated to Dr. Roe-Hoan Yoon, founder of the Center for Advanced Separation Technologies at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia. It is composed of 12 parts as follows:

[1] Surface forces and hydrophobicity (8 papers)
[2] Dewatering and drying (5 papers)
[3] Coal processing (5 papers)
[4] Gravity separations (7 papers)
[5] Magnetic and electrostatic separations (7 papers)
[6] Resource engineering (8 papers)
[7] Process improvements and environmental controls (8 papers)
[8] Industrial minerals flotation (6 papers)
[9] Base metal flotation (4 papers)
[10] Flotation equipment and practice (7 papers)
[11] Process reagents (6 papers)
[12] Modelling and process control (7 papers)

The book is exceptionally well produced and most of the papers written by well known names. In summary the book is very impressive with 11-page subject index. The editors Courtney A. Young and Gerald H. Luttrell were former students of Professor Yoon. Young is now with Montana Tech and Luttrell with Virginia Tech. Professor Yoon’s career is very inspiring. He was born in 1943 in Seoul where he attended Seoul National University. After leaving his home in Korea he started his graduate studies in 1968 at McGill University in Montreal under Professor Talat Salman (1918-1979), then worked at Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology before joining Virginia Tech. There he formed a strong research group where he successfully advised 32 doctoral students and 34 Master of Science degree students. He worked closely with 18 post-doctoral fellows and a large number of visiting scholars.

Best wishes for Professor Yoon and sincere congratulations to the editors.
Fathi Habashi


  1. To Mark, who submitted a comment on this review. I will publish your comment only if you are willing to identify yourself.

  2. Having seen this book thoroughly I disagree upto some extent. The book contains considerable papers which have been part of SME preprints from last 3-4 years. No doubt few papers from the book are written by well known names but the papers within the individual parts (papers) are not coherent in any manner. Overall, the book seems to be nice on shelf considering the associated big names.

    Pashant Bargi
    FLS, USA.


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