Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Paternoster- final day

We had an excellent walk this morning, west of Paternoster, in the Columbine Nature Reserve. The scenery is spectacular, and is dominated by pink granite masses.  If there are any geologists reading this, do you know how and when this granite was formed?  Anything to do with the breakup of Gondwana 130m years ago, and the formation of the Atlantic?

We have had two fairly average meals in Paternoster during the past couple of days, but tonight's at the Noisy Oyster was outstanding, and we would recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting the area.  The menu is not for the prudish though. The theme of the restaurant is romance and the influence of oysters. The starters are listed as 'Foreplay' and the main course 'Intercourse'. We didn't get to desserts!

A message in from Amanda tonight. She and Jon hopefully fly to Jo'burg on Friday to connect to Dubai. The next direct flight to Dubai from Cape Town is May 1st!

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