Monday, 12 April 2010

A hot day in Cape Town

Today was extremely hot, and a relief when the sun set on Table Mountain at 5pm.  By then we were well into the conference wine reception and preregistration. Around 100 delegates registered this evening, nearly half of them arriving by coach fron Franschhoek,where they had been attending the ICRA Workshop.  The organiser, Dr. Aubrey Mainza, from UCT, was pleased that this event was attended by 45 delegates. One of those delegates was Dr. Paul Cleary of CSIRO, Australia, one of the world's experts on DEM modelling.We had a long talk about his work- he is presenting a number of papers at this conference- but what always fascinates me is his work in the movie industry, and how DEM is set to make an impact in computer generated imaging.

Then a quick meal in the bar, followed by an early night in preparation for a very early start tomorrow.

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